7. To invite web and mobile users click the Invite button. 

3. Fill in the Sign Up form. No credit card is required. 

4. You will receive an email verification in your inbox. Click to confirm your account. 

2. Enter your business email.

1. Go to Recommended web browers are Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Download Google Chrome
DownloadMozilla Firefox
Download Safari

5. Enter the email and password you used to sign up. You can click forgot password to create a new password. 

8. Select the “Invite User” button

9. Create a user with full name and email address. Select the Web Access tab wish to give the user access to the web application.

10. The new user will receive a confirmation email. Once accepted the user will be prompted to create a password.

13. For more tutorials and training videos select the Support icon. For mobile tutorials, slide out the menu and select Support. 

11. Once you've invited your coworkers, their user avatars will appear under the "Mobile" heading near the top left of the screen. 

12. Go to Preferences under the Settings icon near the top right corner of the screen and fill in your organization preferences. Note setting your time zone is very important. 

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You can view more tutorials below. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or to request a live demo. 

Younility Mobile App
Younility Mobile App

6. Download the mobile app for Android or iPhone. To login use the same email and password for the web app.